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Advertising & Marketing (i) Pvt. Ltd.

Plot No:20, Town Center, Beside Lokmat Apartment, MGM Road, CIDCO, Aurangabad-431001. (M.S.) India.

Telephone: 0240-2473820 / 2473896/ 2241412


Abhishek Shelke: Director

A Vision to set working @ Abhishek! !

Developing & Nurturing Creativity in Life Since 1986....

We believe that effective advertising is one of the most decisive factors that determine the growth & speed of the business. Especially that makes a big difference when trivial brands have the same potential & power.

Advertising not only creates the brand-awareness but also sets up the brand image that captures minds.Greatly, effective advertising is just as essential as the quality of the brand or sometimes even more. For an advertiser the involvement with the client's business & thorough knowledge of the client's market is vital.

 Subhash Shelke

Managing Director

Mukesh Tiwari: Executive Director

Knowingly or unknowingly man has been wintering the growth & strengths of advertising. from early ages to the nuclear age, everything that needs awareness has to be advertised; may it be a pin or airplane Advertising is a trait of business plan that helps business to generate returns from the targeted market.

It all starts from production of the product are application of the product & ends at selling of product.

Outdoor publicity is an inescapable part of any advertising campaign Aiming to address masses in a larger way , a cost Effective manner & through a media providing longest advertising life. And just as imperative is exploring new markets & developing then to reach new audiences.

Abhishek Advertisers , a firm in business since almost two decades, takes great pleasure in introducing you to one    of the Asia fastest growing City Aurangabad.